Hair & Makeup Ideas

Holiday Vox Box Review

I received a Holiday Vox Box from Influenster that was filled with lot of style goodies to try!

Goody Quik Style Hair Brush

One of my favorite items was the Goody Quik Style Hair Brush. This brush is unique because it contains terry cloth to help dry and style your hair faster.










The Quik Style brush helped detangle my hair faster which led to a quicker air dry time. However, I really noticed a difference when I used the brush to blow dry my hair. It cut the blow drying time in half! I definitely recommend buying this brush if you blow dry your hair regularly. Remember to keep the brush clean for a longer shelf life.

NYC New York Liquid Color Lipshine

I received the NYC Liquid Color Lipshine in the Nude York City shade. The neutral tone leaves a subtle, yet natural color to my lips for a relaxed look. The shade is great to pair with a smoky, dramatic eye. It’s also a useful way to tone down bolder shades of lipstick.


The NYC Liquid Color Lipshine lasted me almost all day with no need to reapply. I wore the shade to work recently for a natural, but polished look.


Kiss Nail Dress

I’ve tried many instant nail strips before and I must say, these were the easiest to use! The fun designs apply fast and last for about a week. It’s the easiest and cheapest way to get a detailed manicure!


Since a full-on nail art manicure does work well in my office, I created a subtle manicure with a statement nail.


The Kiss Nail Dress also works great for the toes – instant fab pedicure!

Have you tried any of these amazing products? Which one are you most interested in using?


Hurry over to RUSH Hair

The number one destination on my travel wish list is London. It’s a place full of beauty, history and literature. My next big trip will definitely include this fascinating city.

While I am there, I plan to treat myself to a unique salon experience at Rush Hairdressers London. Why would I make a salon part of my travel itinerary? Rush Hair is famous for creating hair styles unique to every single client. They really focus on the individual and deliver amazing styles perfectly tailored to the client’s personal style. They also have a really cool vibe that I just can’t get enough of.

The first hair salon, Rush Wimbledon, was founded by Andy and Stell (above) over 18 years ago. Since then, they have over 60 hair and beauty salons across London and the South and have opened their very own Advanced Academy.  Each salon is unique in its location, decor and people and offers a different experience. They have also won 12 outstanding British Hairdressing Awards throughout the years.

Rush opened their flagship hair and beauty salon, The House of Rush, this year on London’s Piccadilly. I hope to visit this location some day! So pretty!

House of Rush on Piccadilly

Rush Hairdressers London is well-known in the fashion industry. They style at London Fashion Week, work on shoots for fashion magazines and even have their own hair collections. A new hair collection is debuted every year.

Rush’s hair services include cuts, colors, nutrition treatments, Brazilian blowouts and hair extensions. In addition to hair styling, Rush salons offer various beauty treatments such as: facials, skin rejuvenation, manicures/pedicures, massages, eyebrow and eyelash styling and hair removal. They also offer men’s grooming services.

I really enjoy reading Rush’s blog where they showcase the latest celebrity they’ve worked with or fashion show they styled. It gives me inspiration and many styling ideas.

If you live in the London area or plan to visit there, I suggest you visit a Rush Hairdressers London salon and treat yourself to some top-notch beauty treatments from the best in the industry.


Hair & Makeup: Jersey Style

If you thought you’d see some orange skin and big hair in this post, I’m afraid you’ll be disappointed. Despite what you see on some reality television shows, New Jersians have a classic and appropriate sense of style. They even sport their natural skin color!

I recently attended a family wedding in New Jersey and here is how I styled my hair and makeup. You can see the entire outfit here.

Makeup: I used bronze-type hues along with a bronze liner above and below the eye for a slightly dramatic look. For the lips, I combined a pink lipstick along with a brownish-bronzy color to get the right shade.

Hair: I used a curling iron to create soft waves and then added a gold headband for extra detail to match the new earrings.

Tip: When using a curling iron with a clasp, don’t place your hair in the clasp as it will create a weird line towards the end of your hair. Wrap your hair around the iron outside the clasp and hold your hair in place with your hand (wear a glove- otherwise, you will burn yourself!!!).

I also gave myself a quick, DIY gold manicure with the Sally Hansen Nail Polish Strips. I had a few left over from the last time I used them (post here) and this look took me ten minutes!

The $10 kit gave me four manicures. I’d say that’s a deal!

What are your styling tips when you’re away from home?


Beat the Heat: Hair Tips

Living in Florida, I know a thing or two about humidity. This undesirable moisture in the air can do a number on your hair. My advice. Embrace it! Don’t fight it!

If you have naturally wavy or curly hair like I do, humidity can actually help make waves and curls look more defined. Instead of straightening your hair during the summer, go wild and let the humidity and your hair become one! Just be sure to also use an anti-frizz serum or spray too.

For my birthday on the beach, I decided to enhance my natural waves with the Remington Pearl Ceramic Styling Wand. It’s easy to use and creates waves and curls quickly. If your hair is already curly/wavy, it gives your curls/waves a nice finish and professional look. This look took about 20 minutes.

Next time you’re fighting against humidity to straighten your hair this summer, try making friends with humidity and use it to create fuller, bouncier waves and curls.

Be sure to check out the other “Beat the Heat” hair tips at the blog hop.

How do you typically style your hair in the summer?


Beat the Heat: Beauty Tips

I’ve been very absent from the blogging world lately. My non-blogging life has taken over. I recently had a milestone birthday (which I’ll blog about soon), moved houses and had many homework assignments for my summer classes. Whew!

Thanks to the Beat the Heat Florida Fashion series, I am willingly forced to post.

This week, we are sharing Florida Heat  beauty tips. My tip is to take advantage of the sunshine and wear funky, bold colors and prints on your nails. Neon colors and print nail treatments are very much on trend, but they can look a little ridiculous in the “real world”.

For my birthday weekend, I treated my self to “vacation nails” where I applied the Sally Hansen Nail Strips in Check It Out. I also applied neon orange to my toes.

My “vacation nails”:

These nails, although a little out of touch with reality, made me smile all weekend long.

Take advantage of the hot weather to sport summer neon colors and prints on your hands and feet. It’s a great way to celebrate the season!

Do you tend to wear funkier shades of nail polish during the summer months?

Here’s the link to this week’s blog hop.


J9’s Top 9 Skin Care Tips

While I am not a dermatologist or beauty professional, I’ve picked up some basic skin care tips throughout my adolescence and adulthood. Other skin care tips have also been handed down to me by earlier generations of my family. Although I’m all about affordable fashion, I believe that women should invest both time and money into their skin (as stated in #4 here). You can return clothes, but you can’t return your face. Here are my top nine skin care tips.

1. Remove Your Makeup Before Going to Sleep

If you go to sleep with your makeup on, all of the day’s residue gets left on your pillow. Gross. Unless you want to rub your face against dirty makeup night after night, take the three minutes to wash your face. Since I have sensitive skin, I use Olay’s Foaming Face Wash for Sensitive Skin. After washing, I remove any left over makeup with Olay’s Toner for Sensitive Skin which leaves me feeling oh-so-clean.

2. Night Cream

After removing my makeup, I apply Night Cream which is different from Day Cream or regular moisturizer. Night Cream helps rejuvenate and tighten the skin as well as keeps it looking young. I recommend women over 25 to start using a Night Cream daily. Since I do want to stay looking young and fresh as long as possible, I splurge on Clinque’s Turnaround Overnight Radiant moisturizer.


3. Eye Cream

Every night, I also apply night cream to reduce puffiness and dark circles as well as reduce fine lines. I’ve been experimenting with night creams for the past two years. So far my favorite is Clinique‘s All About Eyes. My grandma has been using Clinique skin products since I can remember, and at 78, her skin is as soft and tight as a baby. Side Note: I recently strayed and used Olay’s Regenerist Eye Serum Roller. After three days, my eyes puffed up and I had red spots under my eyes. Use with caution!


4. Get Some Rest

This statement is more “do as I say and not as I actually do” since I am not the best when in comes to sleep. In fact, I probably should be sleeping right now instead of writing this post. With that aside, sleep is important when it comes to your skin especially under the eyes. So, be sure to get plenty of it (I promise to do the same).


 5. Exfoliate

Exfoliate is a fancy term for scrubbing the heck out of your face. This process removes dead skin and lets the new skin shine. Since my skin is sensitive, I don’t do this everyday, but I do try to exfoliate a few times a week. For this, I use St. Ives Apricot Scrub for Sensitive skin. I love how this product makes my skin feel!

6. Moisturize for the day

Before I put on my makeup and start the day, I use a Day Cream. Different from Night Cream, Day Cream does not have the ingredients to tighten skin, but does have SPF to protect your face from the sun’s harmful UV rays. I use Olay’s Complete All Day Moisturizer for sensitive skin.

7. Use Natural or Hypoallergenic Makeup

I’m a strong believer of not applying harsh chemicals to your precious face everyday. For this purpose, I invest in quality makeup that is usually Clinique (most because their products are hypoallergenic). There are many other brands like Bare Minerals and Origins. For a more affordable route, Almay offers fragrance free and hypoallergenic products at drug store prices. I love their eye shadows and wear them often.

8. Get a faux tan

A glowing tan always looks nice, but laying out in the sun is your face’s worst nightmare. To accomplish the look of a tan without worshiping the sun, use a tinted moisturizer. Gradually, the moisturizer adds a natural glow that will have you looking relaxed and well rested. Clinique makes the Surge Tinted Moisturizer with SPF.


9. Drink lots of Water

Besides being plain ol’ good for ya, water is essential to skin health. I am adamant about fulfilling my recommended daily water intake (in addition to my unfortunate Diet Coke addiction). When I don’t drink enough water, it almost immediately shows on my skin. Be sure to drink your eight eight-ounce glasses a day!

I’d love to know what skin care tips you have and what products you use. Please share them!


First Ever J9 How-To Video

I’ve been meaning to create some how-to videos for quite some time, but I never got around to doing it. Thanks to my social media class, this week’s video assignment kicked me into gear! I get a lot of questions on my hair styles and how I create the bun look. See my hair post here.

Here I show you how to create a simple, chic bun when you’re stressed for time. Check it out!

Now that I got my first vlog under my belt, there will be more to come!

How do you style your hair when you’re rushing out the door?


Hair & Makeup: Coral Lipstick

I’ve been wanting to try coral lipstick for a while. It looks great on the celebs in fashion magazines, but does it translate into real life?

Here are the two and only times I’ve worn it and I’m still on the fence as to whether I like it. This specific color is Temptation by Cover Girl.



So what’s the verdict? Would/Do you wear coral lipstick?


Hair & Makeup: Making Waves

I attended another family wedding this past weekend and here is how I did my hair and makeup:

Makeup: I opted for metallic green shades for my eye shadow to go along with the metallic color scheme I was going for (you’ll see the whole look soon). I also kept the lips neutral and simple.

Hair: I blow dried my hair and then gave it soft, simple waves.

Hair Tip: Ever style your hair in soft waves only to have it last an hour? My waves lasted over 10 hours and that’s because I styled my hair in tight curls (totally Shirley Temple style) a few hours before I had to leave. It looked really ridiculous, but after some time and combing through, the waves stayed secure and bounced all night. So to acomplish long-lasting waves, style your hair almost curly and give it plenty of time to calm down before you leave the house. Otherwise, you’ll be singing “On the Good Ship Lollipop“!

What are your style tips for wavy hair?

Smoke and Sparkle: A DIY Manicure

For the wedding I attended this past weekend, I wanted dark, dramatic nails that also gave some sassy shine. The night before, I painted my nails with the Sally Hansen nail color pen in Smoke. Then, instead of using a top coat, I added a clear sparkle nail polish.

It’s very hard for me to paint my own nails in a dark color like this. The only way I could do it is with the nail color pen. Plus, the nail color pen lasts longer than regular polish, so hopefully, it won’t start to chip for a few days.

What nail colors are you wearing this time of year?