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J9 Outfit: Boutique Opening

I recently attended a local vintage boutique opening and this is what I wore. Honestly, I wish I could attend these type of events everyday. I could wear fun dresses, eat cupcakes and shop! Until then, I’ll continue my regular life which includes a day career, grad school and vegetables (probably need to work more on the vegetable part).

Vintage and cupcakes make me do this pose!

Dress: $19.99, Target

Necklaces: $3 and $5, both on clearance at Target

Earrings: $12, local street vendor

Lapis Lazuli Ring: $24, different boutique in CA

Clutch: $14.99, Marshalls

Blue Velvet Pumps: $22, Dots

Total Outfit: $100.98

Do vintage and thrift stores make you as happy as they make me? What deals have you scored?

Also, have you entered the Park Lane Jewelry giveaway? Entering is easy. Check it out here.


Outfits on the Cheap: Flower Child

In this outfit, I let my inner bohemian out for some fresh air and combined two types of floral prints. I wore this outfit to run a few errands. If I didn’t have to dress in the real world, I would so rock the true boho chic look like Mary Kate and Ashley. Although they sometimes go a little too far with the look (almost like the Derelict collection from Zoolander– anyone remember that movie?), I love how cool and effortless they appear. The day was muggy and rainy, so I let my hair also go a little wild.

Tunic: $14, TJ Maxx

Red Jeans: $17.99, Dots

Stacked Bracelets: $15, various places

Floral Flats: $12, on clearance at Target

Total Outfit: $58.99

If you didn’t have to dress for the “real world”, how would you dress?


Outfits on the Cheap: Highlighter and Whiteout

I love neon green, but my friend criticized it stating it reminded her of the color used in highlighters…which I don’t disagree with. Lucky for me, I love highlighters and their colors! I decided to pair this highlighter tank with a pair of bright white jeans for a casual night out for drinks. This outfit got me reminiscing about school days before ipads and computers.

Highlighter Tank: $17, Target

Whiteout Jeans: $20, Target

Bracelet: $5.95, H&M

Sandals: $27, Steve Madden at Macy’s

Earrings: $6, Charlotte Russe

Total Outfit: $75.95

When was the last time you actually used highlighter and/or whiteout?


Outfits on the Cheap: Stripes and Shopping

I went shopping with a friend to help her create a new wardrobe post baby. It was a nice day where she found a lot of staple and fun items. I’ll post more on what she purchased soon. When shopping for clothes, I normally wear clothes that are easy to change in and out of, but since the shopping wasn’t for me, I go to wear what I want.

Striped Tank: $6, Burlington Coat Factory

Hoop Earrings: $0, gift

Pink Cropped Jeans: $10, New York and Company from Marshalls

Wedges: $20, on clearance at Macy’s

Sunglasses: $10, Target

Total Outfit: $46

What do you wear for a full day of shopping? Do you have a shopping outfit strategy?


Casual Friday: Ready for the Weekend

I was so excited to wear my favorite trend on my favorite day. This was the start of my first weekend off school (well until next semester). So, what did I do? Nothing. Absolutely nothing. Well, I did clean and complete some long overdue chores, but I didn’t really work and make any social commitments. And it felt so good. I needed this weekend to just catch up with myself.

Striped Shirt: $14, Target

Jeans: $8, on clearance at Target

Belt: $10, TJ Maxx

Necklace: $15, street vendor from Ocean Grove, NJ

Wedges: $10, on clearance at Dillard’s

Bracelets and Watch: $25, various places

Total Outfit: $82

Do you ever wish you had a weekend to do nothing? Ever need catch-up time with yourself?


Hot Mamas: Brett

Brett is a working mom with two boys. She also runs her own monogramming business and manages a personal fashion blog called Silvergirl. I love Brett’s unique style and sense of humor, and outlook on life.

How do you describe your sense of personal style?

I think my sense of style is relaxed, casual with a bit of surprise or whimsy.I like to mix very casual with a bit of drama or some unexpected pop.
What are your style tips for moms?
Since my boys are basically young adults now, I would like to pass on my mommie wisdom…
I will tell you from experience, you need to get really dressed a couple times a week, especially you mom’s of little ones. Don’t lose yourself and only focus on the kids. Wear comfortable, but fashionable clothing.  You don’t need to spend a lot to look cute!   People always talk about dressing younger than your age, but I find many moms end up dressing older than their age. Have fun with your clothes and don’t worry that you are not the size you were before kids, you can look great at any size! Wear clothes that fit your body and colors that flatter your skin tone. It’s the confidence and joy that you exude that makes the outfit!!
Thanks Brett for your helpful tips!

Outfits on the Cheap: Pocket Obsessions

Dresses with pockets have been around for a few years now, but I still get excited every time I wear a dress with them. I don’t actually use the pockets of the dress, but I like to know I can. Here is one of my last colder looks of the year.

Dress: $29.99, Cynthia Rowley from Marshalls

Belt: $12, Marshalls (came in a set of three belts)

Black Cardi: $10, on clearance from Target

Necklace: $3, on clearance from Target

Tights: $8, Stein Mart

Boots: $24, Ross

Loving Pockets with my Dress: Priceless

Total Outfit: $86.99

Do you love dresses with pockets?


Outfits on the Cheap: Girl on Fire

I rocked my red skinny jeans in a big way with an even more colorful shirt. I wore this outfit on a Saturday morning at a local farmer’s market. Maybe because it was so hot outside, maybe it was all the red I was wearing, or maybe the Hunger Games are so top of mind for me, but I felt like I was on fire.

Shirt: $12.99, Marshalls

White Tank: $6, Target

Red Skinny Jeans: $17.99, Dots

Stacked Bracelets: $7, combined from various places

Sunglasses: $10, Target

Purse: $17, Flea Market

Tan Wedges: $22, Macy’s

Feeling Ablaze: $0

Total Outfit: $92.98

Would/Do you wear red skinny jeans? Who’s excited to see the Hunger Games in theaters?!


Outfits on the Cheap: Family Fun with Stripes

My family came to visit last weekend and we went to the local theme parks. The weather was perfect with a high of 75 degrees. This outfit kept me warm in the morning and was cool enough for the afternoon. But most importantly, it helped make me feel like a kid again.

Striped  Oversized Sweater: $14, on clearance at Target

Skinny Jeans: $15 , Old Navy

Green Watch: $20, Sacramento Airport Gift Shop

Pinstripe Sneakers: $20, Target

Messenger Purse: $17, Flea Market

Sunglasses: $10, Target

Feeling Like A Kid Again: Priceless

Total Outfit: $96

Do you have an outfit or particular piece of clothing that makes you feel like a kid?

By the way, for my social media class, we have to start a blog on a topic we enjoy. Since I already have one, my assignment is to step it up! I have many new things planned for J9 STYLE including: more posts, vlogs, Q&A, and more. I’m so excited!


Outfits on the Cheap: Total InVESTment

For a while, I was totally obsessed with vests. I wore them with suits, t-shirts, tanks and more. I couldn’t get enough of them. And then suddenly, I stopped wearing them. I just got over them. I wore this vest to work today after my year-long break from them.

Vest: $15, Sears (a long time ago)

Striped Shirt: $0, Friend’s donation from cleaning out her closet (Thanks Shanon! Still got it!)

Necklace: $9, on clearance at JC Penney

Pants: $14.99, New York & Company

Nude Pumps: $ 24.99, Target

Falling in Love with Vests Again: Priceless

Total Outfit: $63.98

How do you feel about vests? Do you love them? Or are you over them?