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J9 Outfit: Striped Dress

I must admit, I cannot take credit for the striped dress outfit in today’s post. Ever have one of those days when nothing looks good on you? Out of nowhere, you hate everything in your closet. I had this experience the other day while I was running late to work. Trust me, my closet is fabulous (I’ll give you all a virtual tour soon), but my tardiness, and let’s face it, crabiness prohibited me to overcome this mental block. This wardrobe panic and frustration happens to the best of us, even fashion bloggers.

My husband came to the rescue. He put this entire outfit together including the belt which he thought flattered my figure better! He was even sweet enough to take this photo before I ran off to work.

All smiles after I had a complete striped dress outfit that I loved.

Striped Dress: $19.99, Marshalls (similar on sale at Gap)

White Button Earrings: $10, Target, really old

Belt: $0, came with another dress

Pink Pumps: $32, DSW (still on sale here)

Total Outfit: $61.99

Would you ever let your significant other style you or pick your outfit?


J9 Outfits: New Jersey Wedding

While most fashion bloggers were at NYC for fashion week, I was in New Jersey for a family wedding. If it seems like I am always going to a wedding, that is because I am! This is the seventh wedding I’ve attended in the past ten months! In addition to all the bridal and baby showers, I’ve had to come up with many outfits (and gifts!).

Of all the dresses I’ve worn to these recent weddings, this one is my favorite. I was supposed to wear this to a wedding back in March in North Carolina (post here), but I had a slight wardrobe malfunction. I was able to fix the problem in time for New Jersey.


I loved the back of this dress the most!

Dress: $30, Marshalls

Headband: $5, Walgreens

Earrings: $12, Local street vendor (you can see them up close in tomorrow’s post)

Bracelet: $0, gift, but was from Macy’s

Shoes: $24.99, DSW

Clutch: $14.99, Marshalls

Total Outfit: $86.98

Here are some other fun photos from the Jersey Shore:

A big THANKS to my Jersey friends and family for a fantastic time! (and to Alex for taking the photo pics)

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Outfits on the Cheap: Day to Night

I had the quintessential fashion challenge of needing something to wear for both the office and night. I was attending a fashion event right after work and didn’t have a moment to change. I needed an outfit that did not require any changing as I knew I’d already be running late.

Striped Dress: $19.99, Marshalls

Pink Necklace: $27, So Good boutique in NYC

Ring: $0, gift

Leopard Pumps: $23, DSW

Yellow Clutch: $14.99, Marshalls

Total Outfit: $84.98

What do you wear to work when you are going out right after?


Outfits on the Cheap: Casual Friday Pearls

Can I tell you how much I adore casual Friday? It’s not just because we are allowed to wear jeans to the office, but because it allows me to experiment with different looks that aren’t exactly office formal, but also not casual. Most people use this day to sit back, relax, and just throw on a pair of jeans and any old shirt. Not me. I take full advantage of the freedom to get dressed up…just in a different way.

Boyfriend Blazer: $20, boutique in NYC

White Tank: $8, Target

Cropped Jeans: $19.99, DKNY from Marshall’s

Pearl Flower Necklace: $10, Burlington Coat Factory

Ring: $0, gift from my sis

Leopard Pumps: $23, Rampage from DSW

Loving your outfit on your favorite day: Priceless

Total Outfit: $80.99

Do you dress up on casual Friday? Or do you take the day to relax and wear whatever is comfy and clean?

Thanks Devon for taking the photos!


Outfits on the Cheap: Bracelet Winner

I recently won a fabulous bracelet from a giveaway on Fashion by Alicia in celebration of her blog’s anniversary. The bracelet is from Mae Badiyan‘s boutique where she sells unique jewelry at affordable prices. Here is how I styled this newly acquired accessory:

Teal Shirt: $20, JC Penney

Clock Necklace: $5, on clearance at Macy’s

Bracelet: $0, Mae Badiyan boutique from Fashion By Alicia giveaway

Cropped Jeans: $19.99, DKNY from Marshalls

Leopard Pumps: $23, DSW

Total Outfit: $67.99

Thanks Alicia and Mae for the bracelet!

Where do you like to get your jewelry from?


Animal Lover

There was a decade or so after the 80’s where animal print was forbidden, fashionably speaking. The trend has been back for a little while now and it keeps evolving. Whether leopard, snake skin, zebra or giraffe, animal print is versatile to be worn as a statement piece or an accent to your outfit. Here are some ways I’ve worn different style of my favorite prints.

Belt: $16, Target

Flats: $18, Target

Cardigan: $24, Old Navy

Jacket: $25, Forever 21

Maxi Dress: $14.99, Marshalls

Pumps: $23, DSW

Do you love animal print? How do you wear it?


Outfits on the Cheap: A Carolinas Wedding

Sorry I’ve been a little M.I.A. lately, but I’ve been working on research papers and final exams. In a couple of weeks, I’ll be free! On our last day in North Carolina, we attended a family wedding outside Charlotte. I planned to wear another dress, but my gut told me to pack another one just in case. I’m so glad I did because the original dress had a slight wardrobe malfunction and I didn’t want to be Janet Jackson at the wedding!

Dress: $16.99 from Marshalls

Earrings: $0, they were a gift, but from New York & Company

Ring: $0, also a gift

Yellow Clutch: $14.99, Marshalls

Gold Heels: $24.99, DSW

Total Outfit: $56.97

To be honest, I would have styled this outfit a little differently if I had more time and options, but I had Tim Gunn moment and “made it work.” I also didn’t bring the right undergarments (and it shows), but at least I was covered!

Have you ever had/or almost had a wardrobe malfunction? How did you handle it?


Outfits on the Cheap: The Hunt

For almost a year, I’ve been on the hunt for a pair of leopard pumps. I had a specific look in mind and price tag. I channeled my inner predator and like a good hunter, I stalked my prey and waited for the perfect time to strike. I got these fabulous pair of Rampage pumps at DSW for only $23. The wait was worth it!

Mustard Tunic: $14, Marshalls

Cropped Pants: $30, New York & Company

Necklace: $3.80, Body Shop

Leopard Pumps: $23, DSW

Stalking Your Prey: $0

Total Outfit: $70.80

Aren’t these pumps fabulous? Have you ever stalked an item for the right price?


Closet on a Budget

I was asked to re-do and supplement a closet that had many staple items already.

The mission:

-Add some tops that would go with white jeans

-Add some easy dresses for work

-Find some fabulous notice-me shoes that are also appropriate for work

-Keep a budget of $300

Here’s what I found (from left to right):

Red Dress: $20, Calvin Klein from Marshall’s

LBD: $6, Ross

Animal Print Dress: $29.99, Premise from Ross

Cobalt Dress: $50, Calvin Klein from Ross

Jacket: $20, Ambition from Marshall’s

Striped Shirt: $11, Marshall’s

Yellow Blouse: $10, Marshall’s

Striped Sweater: $14.99, Marshall’s

Nautical Tank: $12.99, Marshall’s

– Teal Shoes: $17, DSW

-Snakeskin Heels: $24.99, Ross

-Leopard Pumps: $16.99, Ross

Total Bill: $233.95!

To stay in budget, I visited money-saving stores like Marshall’s, Ross and DSW. Where do you shop when you have limited time and money?

For personal shopping or styling on a budget, contact me at j9styleblog@yahoo.com


Outfits on the Cheap: My Polka Face

I go through stages where I love and then hate polka dots. Right now, I’m in the love stage, so much that I wore them twice in this outfit!

Occasion: Baby Shower at Work

Polka Dot Dress: $28, Express (really old)

Boyfriend Blazer: $19.99, on clearance at Target

Polka Dot Tights: $9.99, Anne Klein from DSW

Necklace: $3.90, Body Central

Platform Pumps: $29.99, Guess from TJ Maxx

Total Outfit: $91.87

How do you feel about polka dots? Love them or hate them?