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Outfits on the Cheap: Teal Steal

I love monochromatic looks. I love them even more when I get the outfit items cheap. Lately, I’ve been obsessed with teals and turquoises not only for clothes but home decor items as well. Basically, if it’s teal, I’ll buy it.

Occasion: The Office

Teal Tunic: $20, JC Penney

Teal Lace Skirt: $16.99, TJ Maxx

Necklace: $8.95, Forever 21

Nude Pumps: $29.99, Marshalls

Total Outfit: $75.93

How do you feel about teal? Love it or hate it?



Outfits on the Cheap: The Big 3-0

It’s official. I am now in the 30’s club. I heard it’s a great club to be in, but I guess only time will tell. At least I know I’m in good company. To celebrate this milestone birthday, the hubby and I spent the weekend at the beach visiting with family and friends. Here’s what I wore to dinner and drinks with family one night. I must say that I have the BEST cousins in the world!

Dress: $24, Forever 21, really old (which I am no  longer forever 20 anything)

Necklace: $17.99, JC Penney

Clutch: $14.99, Marshalls

Bracelet: $6, Burlington Coat Factory

Shoes: $14.99, Carlos Santana from Ross

Total Outfit: $77.97

Here are some other pretty photos from my birthday weekend:

Have a great weekend!

Outfits on the Cheap: Beat the Heat

I’m so excited to be linking up with my fellow Florida fashion and style bloggers! No one knows heat better than Floridians; the weather in this tropical state is scorching, humid, and sweltering pretty much ALL year-long. Since summer is basically year-round for us, we are giving our expert advice on how to beat the heat today and the next three Thursdays.

(NOTE: The only heat we want to beat is the weather, NOT the Miami Heat! That would make us terrible Floridians.)

This week’s “Beat the Heat” style topic is our go-to outfits for the hot weather. I chose to show a typical night-out outfit for the Florida summer. Usually when girls go out for drinks or dinner, they think “I’ll wear my favorite pair a jeans and a cute top,” but if you wear jeans out at night in the summertime, you will drown in your sweat. In the summer, I retire my jeans and replace them with dressy shorts. These shorts are casual enough for day and dressy enough for night. Add your favorite top and voila! Instant night-out outfit.

Occasion: Night Out

Shirt: $14, Forever 21

Shorts: $20, Target (you can get them in many other fun, summery colors here)

Bracelet: $0, part of my gift bag from my Lucky Magazine trip (story here)

Earrings: $0, gift, Banana Republic (Thanks Meredith!)

Shoes: $14.99, Carlos Santana from Ross

Beating the Heat: $0

Total Outfit: $48.99

What do you wear for a night out during the hot summer season?

Check out the other Florida fashionistas!

Go Heat!


Outfits on the Cheap: A New Found Love

A while ago, I wrote that I wasn’t a huge pink fan. Ever since that post, I’ve been wearing much more pink lately. I think the color blocking trend has opened my eyes to bright pinks and helped me see their potential. I can officially state that I am a pink fan; however, I still can’t get Aerosmith’s song Pink out of my head when I think of this color…

Occasion: At the Office

Ivory Boatneck Sweater: $12, Forever 21

Pink Statement Necklace: $27, So Good boutique in NYC

Cropped Pants: $40, New York and Company

Nude Pumps: $39.99, JC Penney

Total Outfit: $118.99

Have you ever worn something that you previously said you didn’t like or would never wear?


Outfits on the Cheap: The Baby Shower Look

I call this color-blocking outfit the Baby Shower Look because the colors remind me of one. At first, I didn’t like boy blue and girl pink styled together for this reason, but now I kind of dig it.

Occasion: Work

Dress: $29.99, Cynthia Rowley from Marshalls (also worn here)

Cardigan: $8, on clearance from Target

Necklace: $8.95, Forever 21

Shoes: $14.99, Carlos Santana from Ross

Total Outfit: $61.93

Would you wear pink and blue together?


Animal Lover

There was a decade or so after the 80’s where animal print was forbidden, fashionably speaking. The trend has been back for a little while now and it keeps evolving. Whether leopard, snake skin, zebra or giraffe, animal print is versatile to be worn as a statement piece or an accent to your outfit. Here are some ways I’ve worn different style of my favorite prints.

Belt: $16, Target

Flats: $18, Target

Cardigan: $24, Old Navy

Jacket: $25, Forever 21

Maxi Dress: $14.99, Marshalls

Pumps: $23, DSW

Do you love animal print? How do you wear it?


Casual Friday: Photo Oops

Last Friday, I was so busy I almost forgot to take a photo of my outfit (which I loved). Capturing my outfit photos for the blog consists of a very strategic, thought-out process [insert sarcasm here] of begging whoever is unfortunate to be close to me at the time. My husband and co-workers get the brunt of the work, but friends and family members have been victims too. This day, when I realized I was about to leave work without taking a photo of what I was wearing, I grabbed an innocent bystander at the office and begged her to take a photo of me. She is used to taking my photo, but with the rush, I didn’t have time to review it and catch the blurriness.

White Jacket: $24, Forever 21

Blue & White Pattern Tank: $12, Forever 21

Skinny Jeans: $8, on clearance from Target

Nude Pumps: $39.99, JC Penney

Necklace: $6, on clearance from Target

Gold Bangles: $5.95, H&M

Total Outfit: $95.94

Fellow Bloggers, please share: How do you take your photos for your blogs?


Outfits on the Cheap: Neutral Territory

Here is a neutral tone outfit I wore to work. It would have been completely monochromatic except for the statement necklace. It’s the neutral version of the black-and-white-with-a-splash-of-color look.

Shirt: $12.99, Forever 21

Necklace: $14, Forever 21

Khaki Pencil Skirt: $20, Target

Belt: $10, Stein Mart

Nude Pumps: $24.99, Target

Total Outfit: $81.98

Do you/Would you wear neutrals with color?


Outfits on the Cheap: Wining All Day

My husband and I took a brief road trip to North Carolina to visit close friends and attend a family wedding. We spent the first day in Winston-Salem with our friends. We toured the local wineries and had a fun, wine-filled day. Some of the wineries were nestled in the rolling hills of North Carolina and were very picturesque. I was a little hesitant to wear a snake print maxi dress. It’s A LOT of animal print!

Maxi Dress: $14.99, Marshalls

Necklace: $8.95, Forever 21 (little hard to see in this photo, so you can also see it here and here)

Wedges: $20, on clearance at Macy’s (also hard to see, same ones in this post)

Drinking Wine with Friends: Priceless

Total Outfit: $43.94

Would you wear an animal print maxi dress?

Here are some other pretty pictures from this day:



Casual Friday: Cute Outfit Makes the Medicine Go Down

This isn’t the best photo of me, but I wasn’t feeling well on this Casual Friday. I’m glad I loved my outfit. A good outfit always lifts the spirits and mothers a cold!

Leopard Jacket: $25, Forever 21

Tan Tank: $0, rags to riches party

Necklace: $0, gift from a friend (thanks Heather!)

Cropped Jeans: $19.99, DKNY from Marshalls

Nude Pumps: $39.99, JC Penney

Total Outfit: $84.98

Does wearing a cute outfit help you feel better when you’re sick?

Happy Friday!