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J9 Outfit: Casual Friday Edition

It’s Friday! And that means it’s time to sport another casual Friday look. I recently acquired this fun cardigan a few weeks ago and it feeds my stripes obsession. Another part of this look that I love is that it has the slightest hint of fall. Sweaters and boots, here we come! This outfit also reminded me of back-to-school time and is something I would wear if I were in school (well, I am in grad school, but that doesn’t really count).

Cardigan: $16, Dots

Purple Tee: $5, on clearance at Old Navy

Raspberry Belt: $3.48, on clearance at Target

Jeans: $8, on clearance at Target

Necklace: $8.95, Forever 21

Nude Flats: $20, on clearance at Macy’s

Total Outfit: $61.43

If you were/are in school, what would you wear on the first day?

Also, I entered to win a trip to New Zealand. You can win too just by voting! Check out the post here.

EBEW - Back To School

Outfits on the Cheap: Summer Lovin’

Summer is almost over, so I am trying to wear my summer colors and styles as much as possible. Although many summer trends will spill over into Fall, I’ll miss wearing summer outfits. Here is a casual Friday outfit that includes some of my favorite summer trends.

Yellow Tunic: $14, Marshalls

White Jeans: $20, Target

Statement Necklace: $15, on clearance from Macy’s

Brown Wedges: $10, on clearance at Dillard’s

Total Outfit: $59

What summer trends/looks will you miss?


Outfits on the Cheap: Parisian Cafe

Okay, so I didn’t have lunch at a Parisian cafe, but if I did, I would wear this dress. I love how this dress combines my darling stripes along with one of my favorite summery colors. I recently wore this dress to a baby shower and although I had fun, I long for the day when I’m sitting in Paris sipping on some coffee (or champagne) and eating pastries.

Dress: $19.99, BeBop from Marshall’s

Necklace: $8, Burlington Coat Factory

Wedges: $20, on clearance at Macy’s

Total Outfit: $47.99

Please disregard my messy hair and makeup. I traveled a lot that day to get to the shower and the weather was brutal!

Do you have an outfit that would look perfect in a particular city?


Outfits on the Cheap: Beer Anniversary

You read the headline right. I celebrated an anniversary for beer. The other weekend we went out with some friends for dinner and then to World of Beer to celebrate their second year anniversary. Any excuse to drink beer, right?

The weather was really hot and the event was outside, so I chose a lightweight dress and wore my hair up in an attempt to stay cool.

Striped Dress: $17.99, Target

Blue Necklace: $10, on clearance from JC Penney

Tan Wedges: $22, Macy’s

Celebrating Beer: $0

Total Outfit: $49.99

I love attending random events (like when I went to a bacon event). What events have you been to lately?


Outfits on the Cheap: Bracelet Winner

I recently won a fabulous bracelet from a giveaway on Fashion by Alicia in celebration of her blog’s anniversary. The bracelet is from Mae Badiyan‘s boutique where she sells unique jewelry at affordable prices. Here is how I styled this newly acquired accessory:

Teal Shirt: $20, JC Penney

Clock Necklace: $5, on clearance at Macy’s

Bracelet: $0, Mae Badiyan boutique from Fashion By Alicia giveaway

Cropped Jeans: $19.99, DKNY from Marshalls

Leopard Pumps: $23, DSW

Total Outfit: $67.99

Thanks Alicia and Mae for the bracelet!

Where do you like to get your jewelry from?


Outfits on the Cheap: Highlighter and Whiteout

I love neon green, but my friend criticized it stating it reminded her of the color used in highlighters…which I don’t disagree with. Lucky for me, I love highlighters and their colors! I decided to pair this highlighter tank with a pair of bright white jeans for a casual night out for drinks. This outfit got me reminiscing about school days before ipads and computers.

Highlighter Tank: $17, Target

Whiteout Jeans: $20, Target

Bracelet: $5.95, H&M

Sandals: $27, Steve Madden at Macy’s

Earrings: $6, Charlotte Russe

Total Outfit: $75.95

When was the last time you actually used highlighter and/or whiteout?


Outfits on the Cheap: MAXImizing the Summer

I’m so excited that summer is here! I love the bold colors and bohemian vibe summer brings. This maxi dress is the epitome of a bright summer print with a boho hi-low hemline. I wasn’t a big fan of the hi-low hemline trend, but once I tried it on, I loved how flattering and elongating it was.

Maxi Dress: $14.99, TJ Maxx

Belt: $0, came with the dress

Earrings: $8, on clearance at Target

Sunglasses: $10, boutique by the beach

Green Watch: $19.99 Sacramento Airport

Wedges: $22, on clearance at Macy’s

Welcoming the Summer: $0

Total Outfit: $74.98

Do you like the hi-low hemline trend?

Thanks Crystal for taking the photos!


Outfits on the Cheap: Stripes and Shopping

I went shopping with a friend to help her create a new wardrobe post baby. It was a nice day where she found a lot of staple and fun items. I’ll post more on what she purchased soon. When shopping for clothes, I normally wear clothes that are easy to change in and out of, but since the shopping wasn’t for me, I go to wear what I want.

Striped Tank: $6, Burlington Coat Factory

Hoop Earrings: $0, gift

Pink Cropped Jeans: $10, New York and Company from Marshalls

Wedges: $20, on clearance at Macy’s

Sunglasses: $10, Target

Total Outfit: $46

What do you wear for a full day of shopping? Do you have a shopping outfit strategy?


Outfits on the Cheap: Pinkalicious

I was never a big pink fan, but I’m really starting to appreciate this color. I absolutely adore these bright pink pants and I can’t wait to style them all kinds of fabulous ways! I was going to debut them at a fun night out, but I couldn’t wait. So, I created an appropriate outfit for work. Bright colors at work make the day seem so much brighter!

Shirt: $22, Rampage from Macy’s

Pink Cropped Pants: $40, New York and Company

Gold Bracelet: $0, gift

Black Pumps: $29.99, Guess from TJ Maxx

Total Outfit: $91.99

Does wearing bold colors brighten up your day?


Outfits on the Cheap: Colorful in Winston-Salem

On day two in Winston-Salem, we toured around the city including downtown, historic Salem and Wake Forest University. Winston-Salem is a beautiful town full of history…not so much in color trends. I sort of stuck out in this bright teal/blue color combo. My outfit might have been a little too loud for this quiet city.

Teal Shirt: $20, JC Penney

Cobalt Jeans: $17.99, Dots

Clock Watch: $5, on clearance from Macy’s

Ring: $6, booth in San Antonio trade show

Wedges: $22, Macy’s

Hoop Earrings: $8, on clearance at Target

Total Outfit: $78.99

Have you ever felt like you stuck out in your bold color combo outfit?


Other photos from the day: