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J9 Outfit: Boutique Opening

I recently attended a local vintage boutique opening and this is what I wore. Honestly, I wish I could attend these type of events everyday. I could wear fun dresses, eat cupcakes and shop! Until then, I’ll continue my regular life which includes a day career, grad school and vegetables (probably need to work more on the vegetable part).

Vintage and cupcakes make me do this pose!

Dress: $19.99, Target

Necklaces: $3 and $5, both on clearance at Target

Earrings: $12, local street vendor

Lapis Lazuli Ring: $24, different boutique in CA

Clutch: $14.99, Marshalls

Blue Velvet Pumps: $22, Dots

Total Outfit: $100.98

Do vintage and thrift stores make you as happy as they make me? What deals have you scored?

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Outfits on the Cheap: Casual Friday Trends

I love how this outfit combines three of my favorite summer trends: Bold colors, stripes, and a statement necklace. If you haven’t noticed, I’m wearing a lot of stripes lately and I don’t see myself stopping anytime soon. Will I ever grow tired of them?

A rare purse shot:

Blazer: $19.99, TJ Maxx

Striped Tank: $6, Burlington Coat Factory

Necklace: $30, So Good boutique in NYC

Cropped Jeans: $19.99, Marshalls

Purse: really old, but I think I paid $15 from Target

Shoes: $14.99, Ross

Total Outfit: $105.97

Do you love stripes as much as I do? Or are you over them?

Have a wonderful Labor Day weekend!


Outfits on the Cheap: All About a Scarf

This outfit was entirely styled around my new scarf. My friends were nice enough to get me this scarf in Barcelona while on their European vacation, so I had to honor it with an awesome outfit! I love the mustard/ketchup colors in the contemporary print.

Occasion: The Office

Boyfriend Blazer: $20, boutique in NYC

White Shirt: $10, on clearance at Target (really old)

Red Cropped Pants: $19.99, Marshalls

Scarf: $0, gift from friends

Black Pumps: $29.99 Guess from TJ Maxx

Total Outfit: $79.98

Do you have an item or souvenir from a foreign country that you love?


Outfits on the Cheap: Pool Party

I’ve missed a few Casual Friday outfit posts, but hopefully this one will get you ready for the weekend! It’s great when you have friends that really get your style. For my birthday, I received some wonderful gifts from my friends including accessories and clothes. I love it when I hear “I saw this and thought of you!”

I wore this summer outfit to a pool party recently. Every item in this outfit except the flip-flops and sunglasses is a gift from a friend.

Summer Fedora: $0, Target (gift)

Dress/Cover-Up: $0, Target (gift)

Necklace: $0, gift from friend

Sunglasses: $10, Target

Flip-Flops: $4, Old Navy

Total Outfit: $14

Do your friends get your personal style?

Have a great weekend!


Outfits on the Cheap: Black and Tan

While we’re on the beer theme, I wanted to share a recent office outfit where I combined black and tan. Not only is this a great beer drink, but also a great color combo!

Camel Blazer: $19.99, TJ Maxx

Black Dress: $29.99, Muse from TJ Maxx

Leopard Belt: $16, Target

Ring: $0, gift

Black Pumps: $29.99, Nine West from TJ Maxx

Total Outfit: $95.97

Do you like black and tan? The color combo or the beer?


Outfits on the Cheap: Casual Friday Pearls

Can I tell you how much I adore casual Friday? It’s not just because we are allowed to wear jeans to the office, but because it allows me to experiment with different looks that aren’t exactly office formal, but also not casual. Most people use this day to sit back, relax, and just throw on a pair of jeans and any old shirt. Not me. I take full advantage of the freedom to get dressed up…just in a different way.

Boyfriend Blazer: $20, boutique in NYC

White Tank: $8, Target

Cropped Jeans: $19.99, DKNY from Marshall’s

Pearl Flower Necklace: $10, Burlington Coat Factory

Ring: $0, gift from my sis

Leopard Pumps: $23, Rampage from DSW

Loving your outfit on your favorite day: Priceless

Total Outfit: $80.99

Do you dress up on casual Friday? Or do you take the day to relax and wear whatever is comfy and clean?

Thanks Devon for taking the photos!


Outfits on the Cheap: Flower Child

In this outfit, I let my inner bohemian out for some fresh air and combined two types of floral prints. I wore this outfit to run a few errands. If I didn’t have to dress in the real world, I would so rock the true boho chic look like Mary Kate and Ashley. Although they sometimes go a little too far with the look (almost like the Derelict collection from Zoolander– anyone remember that movie?), I love how cool and effortless they appear. The day was muggy and rainy, so I let my hair also go a little wild.

Tunic: $14, TJ Maxx

Red Jeans: $17.99, Dots

Stacked Bracelets: $15, various places

Floral Flats: $12, on clearance at Target

Total Outfit: $58.99

If you didn’t have to dress for the “real world”, how would you dress?


Outfits on the Cheap: Highlighter and Whiteout

I love neon green, but my friend criticized it stating it reminded her of the color used in highlighters…which I don’t disagree with. Lucky for me, I love highlighters and their colors! I decided to pair this highlighter tank with a pair of bright white jeans for a casual night out for drinks. This outfit got me reminiscing about school days before ipads and computers.

Highlighter Tank: $17, Target

Whiteout Jeans: $20, Target

Bracelet: $5.95, H&M

Sandals: $27, Steve Madden at Macy’s

Earrings: $6, Charlotte Russe

Total Outfit: $75.95

When was the last time you actually used highlighter and/or whiteout?


Outfits on the Cheap: A New Found Love

A while ago, I wrote that I wasn’t a huge pink fan. Ever since that post, I’ve been wearing much more pink lately. I think the color blocking trend has opened my eyes to bright pinks and helped me see their potential. I can officially state that I am a pink fan; however, I still can’t get Aerosmith’s song Pink out of my head when I think of this color…

Occasion: At the Office

Ivory Boatneck Sweater: $12, Forever 21

Pink Statement Necklace: $27, So Good boutique in NYC

Cropped Pants: $40, New York and Company

Nude Pumps: $39.99, JC Penney

Total Outfit: $118.99

Have you ever worn something that you previously said you didn’t like or would never wear?


Outfits on the Cheap: Off to the Beach

Normally on Fridays I post a casual Friday office look. But since all I can think about is the weekend and future summer beach days, I decided to share what I wore to the beach last weekend. If you’ve been reading my blog for a while, you’ll know that I have an irrational love for ridiculous hats (see hat posts here and here). This beach outfit is proof of my obsession. Since it was a very windy day, the floppy hat did not photograph too well, but trust me, it is fabulous!

Summer Dress: $9.99, Marshalls

Fabulous Hat: $14.99, Target

Sunglasses: $9.99 Target

Flip-Flops: $4, Old Navy (I usually NEVER wear flip-flops, even to the beach)

Total Outfit: $38.97

Would you wear a larger-than-life hat this summer?