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Outfits on the Cheap: Colorful in Winston-Salem

On day two in Winston-Salem, we toured around the city including downtown, historic Salem and Wake Forest University. Winston-Salem is a beautiful town full of history…not so much in color trends. I sort of stuck out in this bright teal/blue color combo. My outfit might have been a little too loud for this quiet city.

Teal Shirt: $20, JC Penney

Cobalt Jeans: $17.99, Dots

Clock Watch: $5, on clearance from Macy’s

Ring: $6, booth in San Antonio trade show

Wedges: $22, Macy’s

Hoop Earrings: $8, on clearance at Target

Total Outfit: $78.99

Have you ever felt like you stuck out in your bold color combo outfit?


Other photos from the day:

Outfits on the Cheap: Wining All Day

My husband and I took a brief road trip to North Carolina to visit close friends and attend a family wedding. We spent the first day in Winston-Salem with our friends. We toured the local wineries and had a fun, wine-filled day. Some of the wineries were nestled in the rolling hills of North Carolina and were very picturesque. I was a little hesitant to wear a snake print maxi dress. It’s A LOT of animal print!

Maxi Dress: $14.99, Marshalls

Necklace: $8.95, Forever 21 (little hard to see in this photo, so you can also see it here and here)

Wedges: $20, on clearance at Macy’s (also hard to see, same ones in this post)

Drinking Wine with Friends: Priceless

Total Outfit: $43.94

Would you wear an animal print maxi dress?

Here are some other pretty pictures from this day: